Friday, June 3, 2011

ITALY - No miracle for Berlusconi in Milan

"The axis of the North" - if by that we mean the political alliance [between the People of Freedom, center right, and the Northern League, extreme right] - suffers and appears suddenly in a precarious balance. In Milan, the ballot is certainly a humiliation for the outgoing mayor, Letizia Moratti (People of Freedom, Silvio Berlusconi's party), but especially a true personal and political blow for Berlusconi, who had made the elections a referendum on his person and government [is the first time in fifteen years that Berlusconi is the right tie in Milan, traditional stronghold of the Chairman].

This result also forced the Northern League to review its destructive ambitions. The silence of Umberto Bossi [founder and head of the Northern League] is better than a long speech. It shows that the party, which struggles to conquer other strongholds that small and medium towns, is forced to ask many questions about his future.

Milan, capital of Lombardy destined to become the epicenter of the tensions of the center-right, is not the only one to falter. The opposition, reassured by the preliminary results, already dreaming of a rift between people of the freedom and the Lombards, a government crisis and putting the dustbin of Berlusconi.

In reality, the situation remains very open in two weeks, could tilt the tie in favor of the majority, who lost in Milan and Naples by overconfidence and aggression. Besides the opposition of a dark red hue, radical, with its "center of the moderates" still in its infancy. Anyway, if this first round clearly identifies the vanquished, no alternative to this government really does not come off.

For the rest, satisfaction and relief of the opposition are primarily the result of the halt imposed on Berlusconi. Despite the defeat, the president of the Council continues to rain or shine, in his own camp and within the opposition. But the weakening of his position suggests a period of instability and settling of scores within the right.

At least that is suggests that the disappointing results for the mayor of Milan, whose errors do not explain everything. Just remember the soundbites from the "magic circle" [the entourage] Umberto Bossi, that the Northern League is doomed to defeat as it is associated with Silvio Berlusconi - the antithesis of King Midas.

Thus the "key Berlusconi," which allowed his candidate, Renata Polverini the unknown, to be elected in the Lazio regional elections a year ago only, has become a handicap. If the former vision was somewhat forced, the current is probably excessive. The results of the first round marked the return to human scale of a leader who had appeared and was perceived by his followers and allies like the all-powerful.

Now it may be nothing more than a scapegoat.

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