Friday, June 3, 2011

Merkel Zapatero apologizes for 'cucumber crisis'

Madrid .- German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed Thursday that the prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, that his country will study formulas in the framework of the EU to compensate farmers affected by the crisis Spanish cucumbers. Merkel and Zapatero have held a telephone conversation Thursday in which the chancellor has deplored the damage done to the Spanish producers of vegetables, according to the Moncloa Palace in a statement.

Zapatero made him see "the negative and grave economic damage" that this crisis has caused to horticultural exporting regions such as Andalusia. In this situation, Merkel "promised that Germany consider formulas in the European framework of compensation for affected farmers," says the note.

The authorities of both countries in the coming days hold bilateral contacts with EU authorities to "agree a solution to the conflict." Besides lamenting the damage to the Spanish garden, the chancellor has explained Zapatero government action in Hamburg, which in its view, was "in accordance with German law." Cucumbers crisis broke out last May 26 when the senator of Health of the city-state of Hamburg, Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, reported that cucumbers from Spain had been the cause of death of several people for serious intestinal infections .

Hamburg authorities said on Tuesday that tests had shown that the outbreak was not due to consumption of this product. The conversation between Zapatero and Merkel to assess the health crisis caused by the bacterium E. coli "and the impact caused in the horticultural sector in Spain and other countries has taken place immediately after the German leader's return from his tour of Asia .

According to Efe brought to government sources, the intention was that Zapatero and Merkel had spoken yesterday, Wednesday, but could not be for the trip of Chancellor. Zapatero has expressed his condolences for the 17 deaths from infection and has been interested in the intoxicated state of the thousand that are still under medical treatment.

In an interview this morning on National Radio, Zapatero criticized the attitude of the European Commission and the German authorities in this case and said his government would seek reparations for damage caused to farmers.

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