Friday, June 3, 2011

Paris proposes a peace conference on the Middle East

France is ready to organize a conference in Paris, before the end of July, to resume the peace process in the Middle East, as declared on Thursday the foreign minister, Alain Juppe, who was in Ramallah, West Bank -. Juppe proposed this meeting the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and President Mahmoud Abbas.

On Thursday afternoon is also scheduled to discuss the matter with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "If we receive a favorable response to this initiative, we welcome the Quartet, EU, UN, U.S. and Russia in Paris before the end of July. This conference will not be a simple meeting, but could become a broader political conference which will decide the negotiating process, "said the French minister.

At least 11 people were injured Thursday in a clash between Jewish settlers and Israeli police, when the latter evacuated several temporary buildings installed in a small enclave in the West Bank, local media reported. Six policemen and five settlers were injured, according to news service Y-Net, which accounts for the "massive resistance" by nationalist activists in the evacuation of the enclave of Ali Ayin, a small settlement in the Palestinian district of Ramallah, not have authorization from the Israeli government.

Before dawn, the police came to evacuate the four structures in the three Jewish families living and found dozens of settlers blocked the road, threw stones and burned the chief of police patrol in the area. "This is a significant jump in the aggressiveness (settler)", said security sources quoted by Y-Net.

The settlers said their reaction was peaceful and army soldiers and police officers who tried to evacuate made excessive use of force. "The police attacked us even though we were lying on the ground, we do not actively opposed or violent manner," said Alex Ostrovsky, one of the settlers, who claimed they again raise the enclave.

Of the more than 200 settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, and that the international community calls on him to evacuate to create a Palestinian state, at least 80 are sites that do not even have Israeli government authorization. Since 2003, when the subject was included in the roadmap, all Israeli governments have pledged to evacuate those in Israel called "illegal outposts" and the few times I have tried have met with fierce resistance from the settlers.

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