Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Italian priest accused of pedophilia is HIV positive

The Italian priest was arrested last week accused of sexually abusing a minor and drug delivery has admitted he is HIV positive, which has caused a stir in Italy by the promiscuous behavior attributed to religion. Seppia Riccardo, 51, was questioned by the prosecutor Stefano Puppo in Marassi prison in Genoa (northwestern Italy), in which it was admitted on May 13 and whose doctor has revealed he is HIV positive.

According to its website daily 'Il Corriere della Sera', the condition of the priest, who not revealed until late in the Italian media, already in the penultimate page of the religious order of arrest issued by the judicial authorities Milan (north) on 12 May. This information defines the habits "promiscuous" and "lover of nightclubs, saunas and gyms" Seppi, who in the coming hours will be transferred to the prison in Sanremo (northwest), a special section for detainees from sexual crimes.

However, against the religious, who has requested the transfer of prison for the insults he receives from other inmates, has not been indicted for alleged crimes against human health by unsafe sex that has been maintained, according to the Italian newspaper. "My client is not accused of delivering drugs to minors, nor have added episodes of sexual violence to children beyond the episode of a kiss on the parish to a boy," said the priest's lawyer, Paolo Bonanni, the release from jail after questioning.

The lawyer said, told the press that collects s Italian media that his client denies having committed "sexual violence" against the 16-years of his Holy Spirit parish in Geneva and the accusation of drug delivery, either a major or minor. However, Seppia has admitted to sex with adults and eavesdropping ordered by the judicial authorities is heard, according to Italian media, how to ask the alleged drug traffickers with the ones you seek to contact children "to have some fun." The news of the arrest was confirmed on 14 May, the archbishop of Genoa and president of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, who expressed his "sorrow and confusion about the seriousness of what happened" and went to the parish personally officiate at Mass that day.

This coincides with the publication on Monday by the Holy See of a circular to all bishops' conferences to address child abuse by clergy, in which stresses cooperation with civil authorities.

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