Sunday, May 22, 2011

POLAND - Weather information, with or without a filter?

"Smolensk *", "truth", "disaster", "Tupolev". These are the keywords that are still one of the Polish news sites. A computer scientist has found a way for those that are not stand it any longer in contact with this kind of news: a filter easy to install. "This filter removes the links containing the keywords in question as Smolensk, the mark of the aircraft or the names of personalities," said his young creator, Mateusz Jaworski, who is only 25 years.

He designed his program to force to be bored by the accident and its consequences. "It was not possible to go on a particular site without running into this issue. I had to react to sail in peace," he says. The filter works on the search engines you want. Just add their name on the list.

It refreshes the current page and voila, articles disappear without a trace. It is the anniversary of the disaster of Smolensk on 10 April that Matthew has tested his program. "On some sites, it is at least half of material that has disappeared. Sometimes it is more than sport and weather," he smiles.

Can we speak of a simple effect of fatigue caused by too much information? Not necessarily. According to Wojciech Czabanowski, association Doxo Tronik, which scans the Web, "it is a political manifesto." "For example, people do not go on certain websites when you have to identify themselves.

Downloading and installing software require more effort than to refrain from clicking. With the filter, we think no more. In addition, it is difficult to believe the information and consider objective, especially since the disaster of Smolensk has divided Poland into two camps, "he noted.

Over 100,000 people visited the blog Mateusz Jaworski and more than 12,000 have downloaded its filter.

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