Sunday, May 22, 2011

"The people who have emigrated are also outraged"

Shouting "The people who have emigrated, is also outraged," among others, about a thousand people, mostly young Spanish expatriates in Berlin, have come out this afternoon at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. People gathered at the site from mid-afternoon in a cheerful and lively, answering the call decided at a concentration less numerous than was held on Thursday outside the Spanish embassy, and remained in place for several hours.

Among the banners they had from slogans were already present in the Puerta del Sol, to the assertion that, "In Spain being corrupt are rewarded," There are rescues, are blackmail, "" Another World is Possible " and even somewhat inspired by the song of Manolo Escobar: "My car was stolen." Were also some posters in Catalan, German, English and other languages.

Some interventions were translated into German. Munich also has been a concentration of angry Spanish. Correspondent

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