Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strauss begins a new life with strict supervision

Cell in New York's Rikers Island Alcatraz to the apartment near ground zero ', seconded by the company Stroz Friedberg, who watched it day and night in the footsteps of Bernard Madoff before the trial in which he was convicted to 150 years in prison ... Dominique Strauss-Kahn (charged with seven counts of sexual assault that could cost up to 74 years imprisonment) moves through the same dangerous path and that the financier and swindler.

The former director of the IMF, of course, he planned installed close to the 'nest' of Madoff on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Until the media circus that was mounted around the Bristol Plaza, 65th Street skyscraper initially chosen by his wife Anne Sinclair, forcing the judge to seek a new location.

The judge himself, Michael Obus, confirmed that the site is adjacent to the site temporarily occupying the twin towers, a stone's throw of the Courts. "We hope that the accused come here when needed," said the judge. "At the slightest problem, we can withdraw the conditions." That is, in short, the 'new' life in purgatory DSK Lower Manhattan, awaiting his next court hearing June 6 (which is expected to plead "not guilty") and on the verge of a trial that could last for the second half of 2011.

CCTV surveillance. Several video cameras will have you guarded 24 hours a day. His steps will be controlled from a room in the building and several of Stroz Friedberg armed guards permanently on guard at the door. Electronic bracelet. As Bernard Madoff, DSK take an ankle bracelet that sends a signal to a transmitter and allow you to be located at all times.

No phone or computer. Strauss-Kahn can not use either the fixed or mobile phone, or communicate by email. Initially, neither can see the telvisión. Curfew and retreat. Will lie every night at ten o'clock at night and wake up promptly at six o'clock. Visits. You can receive pre-arranged visits only with judicial authorization.

Outputs. Under the decision, be allowed to leave only for reasons of "force majeure" as a medical emergency. Bill. DSK will be forced to pay their own "guards" luxury. The costs of security and surveillance will cost $ 200,000 a month.

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