Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twelve dead and 23 wounded in a double suicide bombing north of Baghdad

Baghdad. .- At least twelve people were killed and 23 others, mostly Iraqi policemen were wounded in a double bombing in the Al Taji, 30 miles north of Baghdad, police said. The sources, who earlier had spoken of seven dead and ten wounded, they said a parked car bomb exploded as a patrol of U.S. forces, and moments later a suicide bomber wearing an explosives belt attacked the police arrived at the scene of the blast.

It is unknown so far whether there have been injuries or deaths among the U.S. military. Security forces cordoned off the blast site to allow ambulances to transfer the victims. This attack adds to the string of attacks occurred this morning in different parts of Baghdad. In such event, at least six Iraqis died and 53 others were injured in ten attacks with explosive devices and two other car bombings, bringing the total dead and eighteen in the day today.

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