Sunday, May 22, 2011

Merkel in 2022 qualifies as "reasonable right" to nuclear blackout

Berlin .- German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday called the year 2022 as the "right time" to complete the goodbye to nuclear energy in Germany, in the absence of technical and ethical committees that evaluate the timing of closures reactors, their opinions. The head of Government and endorsed the decision, favorable to the date of 2022, adopted yesterday by the leadership of Bavaria's Christian Social Union (CSU), sister party the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Merkel presides.

The foreign minister on Saturday joined the meeting of the Bavarian leadership, which after a long debate between supporters and reluctant to abandon that source accelerated energy opted for that calendar. The year 2022 was also the limit set by the Social Democrat-Green government that presided Gerhard Schröder had been offline for the last of Germany's 17 nuclear reactors.

The schedule for the closing agreement between the Schröder government and industry in 2000, was overturned last year by the Executive of Merkel's center-right, which approved the extension of plant life half a dozen years. Following the disaster in Fukushima, in March, Chancellor itself backtracked on its ongoing and issued a moratorium of three months, ending in June, to discuss the situation and the immediate removal of seven reactors.

Merkel also ordered the review of all the plants and the creation of two committees, ethics and technique, discussed in parallel and will present their findings in early June. The Government of Chancellor submit such reports from his new energy concept and initiate the parliamentary process in the same month of June to approve the new plan, to be submitted to both the lower house (Bundestag) and the high (Bundesrat) , where his coalition has a majority.

According to government sources said yesterday and energy companies, beginning this Saturday and for about three weeks work only four of the 17 reactors in the country to expedite the review of the plants. Consortia sources criticized the move and warned of the danger that can not guarantee power supply in its entirety.

By the authorities that regulate the electrical energy is rejected that argument and said that there will be no power cuts.

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