Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sorcerers, healers and shamans

"Lifting of ovaries," "Cured of embarrassment", "Cleaning of ears with cone", "hand reading", "Acupuncture", "Foot Reflexology", "herbal formulas," "Massage Ainteztli technical ecstasy" ... The various signs that advertise what is stated in the Second Exhibition 'Day of Mother Earth', is a clear example of the hodgepodge 'sui generis' of Mexican traditional medicine.

"Ovarian and tarot? Many questions you have to do one thing with another, but if it is understood that Mexico's importance, care and good health of the body is as important as the soul or 'psyche', surrealism then passes to a plane more discreet. Lovers of traditional medicine buy some herbs to heal the liver, there are a therapeutic massage to relieve back and make a clean to ward off the bad vibes and make room for that happiness can float at ease within a healthy body.

Grandma Cecilia Duran, of the Sierra de Hidalgo spent a few days in Iztapalapa, Mexico City, a great little neighborhood with more than two million people. He learned the trade fair of traditional medicine and came here with her grandson Jonas eight years. Wait with him to clean her ear.

Although the method is crude, this is both natural that pedestrians walk every man for himself, without percartarse of what each person. The centerpiece of the Mexican traditional medicine passes through the various medicinal herbs that abound in Mexico. About 30,000 plants make alternative therapy sought by the public.

It is estimated that about 60% of Mexicans still use it. "Use the herb a lot of land. It is very good for gastritis, for cholesterol," says Cecilia Durán. "In my village people are very healthy. There are many herbs and all very good. As plants do not cure serious diseases, but if it helps to control and prevent." "Each tribe has its own traditional medicines.

There are many different ancient techniques, but all have the same purpose, to heal the body," says Florencia Becerra, indigenous Nahuatl and an organizer of the event. "Alternative medicine has to shift to traditional medicine. We can not reject the latter, but our herbs and our rituals have proven over the years, which are highly effective in combating many diseases.

This medicine has been marginalized for 500 years . We need more integration in society, there are more spaces to be given the respect due. " It is inevitable talk of the shamans when referring to Mexican traditional medicine. These witches dressed Indians, with plumes and bells at the ankle, make clean spiritual tourists who roam the capital's main square.

Although their image has been devalued so much in recent times its spread to discredit witches or healers. "We are healers or sorcerers, but not shamans," says Elba Bello, traditional medical. "The name is unimportant as they have the wisdom needed to heal, the vision to heal spiritually and physically." Iztapalapa ladies lining up to make them a clean.

"I want to get a clean one for the bad vibes, because you never know who spoke ill of me," says Claudia, I've been with her daughter. To Florencia Becerra, the image of the shamans of socket they have suffered a lot. "They have distorted our culture but do not blame them because there is much need to eat and know the money is with tourists, the word shaman also seems to me as 'new age'.

We are men and women of knowledge to heal and heal the spirit ". Elba Bello is traditional doctor for six years. "Society is rotten, is a universal component. The Mexican traditional medicine, China or Japan, are needed now more than ever. What we want is to flourish and excel our roots, what our ancestors left.

It is our duty to spread for young people to relieve us. "

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