Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strauss-Kahn fits the profile of society that sees life with male logic

Masculinity, power and sexuality. If Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the result of an equation, these three values would be of use in the operation required to obtain the desired result. And the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who now lives lower hours of her journey, symbolized in a society with male logic view-the real man.

So says, at least, Maribel Cardenas, Barcelona psychologist expert in equality policies and treatment of male violence. People like Dominique Strauss-Kahn is seen, by a part of society, "as the real macho," says the psychologist. "It's the straight man, largely successful, with an expansive and uncontrollable sexuality.

Seductive and irresistible to women and socially attractive, "says Cardenas. It goes without saying that none of these values, as male, is an offense. And in the case of former IMF director, man now protects the presumption of innocence. It is his word-a lack of decisive evidence to know whether there are "against the waitress in a hotel in New York, who says she was raped repeatedly by Strauss.

What happens, says Maribel Cardenas, is that before we know whether the allegations are true or not, that part of the population quesólo understand this society from the "male logic" is more likely to condone behaviors such as those found against the former head of IMF . "Being a playboy is still a masculine trait valued by many people," says Cardenas.

Sexual excesses are interpreted as "delusions" and shows that reading is already in libraries. This news psychologist keeps the serious accusation of rape that weighs against Strauss-Khan, who qualify the events as an affair. And that, says flatly Cárdenas, "is frivolous with one of the most serious manifestations of gender violence." Cardenas considers that in such cases, here also enter the sex scandals that corral Silvio Berlusconi, is often produced "a certain male solidarity, the philosopher Celia Amorós and defined as patriarchal pacts." Maribel Cardenas criticized in some media have paid more attention to the price paid by Strauss in the hotel suite, which the state of the victim who has complained.

The alleged sexual excesses of the "real men" are minimized, it seems that the least important is whether they can or not certain allegations, "and the information is focused on other aspects such as the political importance of the accused, the possibility of which has been the victim of a conspiracy or the beauty of the waitress who submitted the complaint.

Marina Subirats, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, believes, however, "that begins to show a change in how society judges these news." "I think we have passed, add this sociologist-the time in which the more power and boldness, an individual had more prestige." And that, according to Subirats, means society is increasingly identified less with the type of characters and issue "a guilty verdict without waiting for the sentence." Subirats matches Cardenas, "in which men are more likely to excuse the crimes than women." Still exists the idea "that he is able, for whatever reason, is entitled to do his will and impose it on others." And many women still participate.

add this professor of sociology, "the sexist and androcentric ideology in which we have been educated. Is assumed to be normal male supremacy and taxation. " While this ideology is also on its return and "why I am convinced Subirats-de-emphasizes that today most women condemn behaviors (sold as values of masculinity) as he held in public and without embarrassment, Strauss Khan.

A psychologist Elisa Sánchez what surprised him most in these cases (reminiscent of Clinton) is that wives are next to the accused. " Sanchez is no justification for sexual assault and concludes that the crime is committed when there is aggression, not by having a high sex drive, being very active or deceive your partner.

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