Sunday, May 22, 2011

Detectives seek to discredit the alleged victim of Strauss Kahn

Former prosecutors and a former investigator who worked for the FBI are hired by the defense of Dominique Strauss-Kahn to delve into the life of Ophelia, the victim alleged abuses suffered by former IMF director, and discredit his testimony with a view to trial. As reported by French newspaper 'Liberation', hiring private investigators to this task is very common in the U.S.

in such cases, and especially the star defense attorney, Benjamin Braffman. The work of these private investigators going to seek anything that discredits the testimony of the victim and take you to go into a failure in his statement. The detectives try descurbir Guinean women all over 32 years.

"It's about discovering who she is, that at present unknown, trying to figure out what time your work, your schedule or what her sexual past," says Todd Henry, an attorney for a firm that works with private detectives. DSK's defense will also try to know if the woman has been arrested once, if you take any medications, drinking alcohol ...

Ie look for anything that "undermines its credibility," added Henry. According to Frank Bess, a professor of law at the Law School New York, detectives from Strauss-Kahn could even travel to the birthplace of women in Equatorial Guinea. "They want to know everything about your profile. You never know what can be found.

And if you are a person with potential, such as Strauss-Kahn, fanning them any track, where it is, "he explains. However, the Braffman buffet will follow the U.S. laws that protect the victim. For example, no Permission to speak with her about her sexual past, but can put the screws to trial rather than reach an agreement.

The lawyer may try to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges if you are on Ophelia is incriminating. It ie if DSK detectives show that she tried to blackmail u ever get money for sexual favors "could close the case," said Beau Dietl, a respected researcher in New York. The team also could use DSK forensic expert to analyze all the evidence obtained, such as blood, saliva, semen or signs of aggression.

but possible scenario for the defense of DSK would not find anything that discredits the victim, his colleagues and acquaintances and have described as a good and honest employee. "The most likely not find anything to use it against him," Henry Case. However, Braffman has been very optimistic about the future of the former director of the IMF.

According to him , DSK will be acquitted of attempted rape and sexual aggression, as has said in an interview with the daily Haaretz. "Do not plead guilty, and ultimately will be acquitted," Brafman said in the interview, the first since the arrest of his client on 14 May. "He is not happy to be accused of actions he did not commit," said Brafman, who came to Israel to attend a family event.

Braffman, 62, is considered one of the greatest lawyers in America. He was the lawyer of several American stars, including the late Michael Jackson.

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