Sunday, May 22, 2011

FRANCE-ITALY - Sarkozy stronger than Berlusconi

The "war dwarfs" has designated its winner: it is the "dwarf" the Elysée, Nicolas Sarkozy. The loser, he tries to shuffle the cards, collect gaffes and claims authorship of existent concepts: the "dwarf" at Palazzo Chigi [the seat of the presidency], Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi's media minstrels tell the story of a friendship found, exalt reconciliations strategic and rhetorical pâmeront to be the new Paris-Rome.

In other words, they declaim a real fairy tale. But the truth is otherwise. Just read a minimum of attention and intellectual honesty of reporting Franco-Italian summit held Tuesday, April 26, at Villa Madama [foster home of heads of state] in Rome . Rarely has a term as well described such an encounter: the two actors have engaged in a real scene where the star eclipsed the second part.

Nuclear, Libya, immigration, economy ... France imposed its views on all the hot topics in the news. Italy, she crashed. He who promised that "in Libya, we will not be a ball" is back on his lip and turned into a bulletproof vest Rambo-Sarko. "We felt that we could not [...] we subtract" an Italian intervention in Libya in the form of targeted raids.

Intervention "which is really needed," said Berlusconi, flanked by a Sarkozy met at the mine. "We welcome the decision of Italy", was quick to launch the French president, adding that Libya, "we will work hand in hand and our agreement is complete." Hand in hand with a Cavaliere as a shield, but only to show the way forward is Paris.

Everything (bombs, missiles and pseudo-bombing) is a balancing act that is accustomed the president of Italy. Besides Libya, the refrain remains the same for all other burning issues: economics, nuclear, Schengen. Cavaliere is the deference of arias bondage embarrassing. On topics of interest to heart (and differences) between the two countries, as the issue of immigration or the takeover of the French group Lactalis on rival Italian Parmalat, Berlusconi prefers kick into touch and gives the feeling even the certainty, to bend to the will of the Elysee.

The same goes for nuclear. Concerning residence permits issued to migrants, the French position still triumph. The Franco-Italian summit has indeed resulted in what both countries ask EU to revise the Schengen agreements to make them more restrictive, such as Paris wanted from the beginning.

As for Berlusconi, he acknowledged that efforts by France to welcome immigrants into its territory - a point close to the heart to its French counterpart - are "five times higher than those made by Italy." Silvio Berlusconi has thus erased before Nicolas Sarkozy, even on matters of first order he had previously strongly defended.

An international strategy that will not facilitate the management of affairs, between the Northern League, allied government, which criticized the intervention in Libya on the one hand and on the other hand, the opposition denounced "swindle" Head of Government on the moratorium on nuclear power.

This time, no turn of events for Berlusconi, who had to settle for playing the stooge of Sarkozy.

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