Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why we love our leaders?

The abuse of power by authoritarian leaders has been one constant in the history of peoples. What is most novel is the tendency of some leaders, democratically legitimized, where abuse of power even reaches the sexual realm. In Europe and in our country, we have well-known examples and current leaders accused and even convicted of abuse, sexual or economic and political corruption.

The common feature of these leaders is abuse, not legitimate to have sex, but mutual consent. The paradox is that these practices in most cases, except where they appear at specific times reported, strengthen their power and even increase the support of citizens. Many of them are aware of this fact and are emboldened and challenge those who criticize his performance, knowing that the advertising of their abuse makes them loved by his people.

What these leaders are made pasta we love? The French writer Étienne de La Boétie referred in 1553 to voluntary easements to describe the fact that "the tyrants, the more they steal, more demanding, and the more they ruin and destroy more and more bondage get get." But it was Freud in Group Psychology and Analysis of the Ego who gave us an accurate analysis of the role of love and submission to the leader it entails.

Freud, who did not lack examples of leaders of his time, raises two characteristics of the leader, giving the impression of a considerable force and who has great freedom libidinous. A leader with these attributes is loved by the people because it allows each clothed in his servitude, the fantasy of omnipotence "that had not ever sucked." What one can not get, or it would not be able to do, but somebody thought-leader is exercised by him.

Today we see how some current leaders make this "freedom libidinous" an important personal trait, without shame. Their mode of satisfaction seems to be bound by the limits of the humble mortal and display of affluence and some obscenity is a basic fact of his being in the world. Show luxurious living with the stronger, despite the "media scandals." Freud perceived and announced something that is truer today than ever.

A leader who can make mediocrity, vulgarity and even abuse, a style of leadership, has secured the bondage of many and getting the vital reality of these individuals, close to that mediocrity rises to an ideal status of life. When the theft, violence, contempt for the other sexual abuse, passions beyond human, they become attributes of a leader, become so popular legitimacy and significantly increase the charisma of the leader.

His style legitimizes the passions of their followers although they do not dare to carry them out. Hence, the paste of these leaders is nothing special or extraordinary value. Just that it is a character with a high overestimation of himself, willing to show their excesses, unlimited consumption, the shamelessness of their satisfaction.

Thus obtained the esteem of those who would like him, out of their misery as neurotic and enjoy it without guilt or hindrance.

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