Sunday, May 22, 2011

Turkish soldiers reported that they used as guinea pigs

Experiments "unlawful or volunteers? For weeks, the controversy surrounding the Military Medical Academy of Gülhane (GATA), one of the most prestigious medical centers in Turkey. Last month, six men reported being used as' human guinea pigs "in experiments with electric shocks. The soldiers, all recruits who performed compulsory military service, suffering from dyskinesia, a disease that causes involuntary muscle movements.

One of them, Fevzi Alabay, said the newspaper 'Radikal' a few months after being called up his hands felt swollen and was sent to the Gülhane Military Academy. They treated him with injections and electric shocks. After 68 days, his family discovered him in a television broadcast of the hospital and went to get him out.

Has lost mobility in the right half of his body, he says. Other recruits, like E. Kasim or Mohammed K. had very similar experiences in 2008. Both were subjected to electric shocks, tell the Turkish daily 'Bugun'. Ensure that they underwent in the belief that it was the normal treatment for their ailments.

"Nobody told us that they were experiments," they said. Another recruit, T. Bakir, he adds, also could not have been denied when his military superiors ordered him to submit to the downloads, he says, made him "jump." The Bugun newspaper published on its website a video that shows what, according to the newspaper, are the 'treatment' of GATA, although the faces of the participants have been pixelated.

Shows how a patient sitting in a chair, made sudden movements while someone on an instrument, perhaps measuring the head. The army command issued a statement to ensure that "investigates allegations" and that "all procedures complied with ethical standards." Fevzi Alabay confirms that he was held at the Academy but says he "gave his consent at any time" and "was not subjected to experiments and electromagnetic applications." He denied also that six of the recruits had died, a claim that, without further details, he Alabay the newspaper 'Radikal'.

Health Minister Recep Akdag, waiting to be admitted that GATA clarify the matter, because apparently no one had requested permission from the ethics committee of the Ministry. But even the ethics committee of the Academy would have given his permission, because the document published by 'Bugun', was manipulated, according to this newspaper.

In it, doctors at the GATA request permission in 2009 to some experiments carried out since 2007. It would be a rare case, the newspaper 'Today's Zaman', another professor of GATA would have used to 22 recruits to investigate bone cancer, without the approval of the commission, but hid behind it was 'diagnosis', the As a colleague of Ophthalmology.

GATA physicians are not unknown in European academia. Often publish their work in specialized European medical journals. In 2003 and noted a report in the 'Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences' on "The effect of electromagnetic fields on bone implants." Only this time it really used guinea pigs.

New Zealand rabbits, to be precise.

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