Sunday, May 22, 2011

A French teenager suspected of sexually assaulting a dozen children

A 27 year old man entered the prison on Saturday in Avignon (southern France) after being charged with raping or sexually assaulting a dozen children who cared for relatives or acquaintances. Prosecutor Catherine Champrenault Avignon said in a statement today to the radio station France Info, who have collected various pieces of evidence for the prosecution of this young man.

He added that the expert will continue to children who were allegedly victims of abuse, aged between three months and two years. They are nephews and children of neighbors and friends who cared for sometimes as a favor the defendant, who was arrested in the town of Teil, near the town of Montelimar.

According to the information collected, the incident occurred primarily since 2009, although in the case of his nephews back to 2003, according to the representative said prosecutors. One test is a recording made by the accused himself of one of the assault with his mobile phone, and he has seized his computer.

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