Sunday, May 22, 2011

At least 10 dead in clashes between police and Taliban

At least 10 people have died in clashes between Afghan police and Taliban insurgents in the last few hours in Afghanistan, officials said. He explained the police chief of Khost, Hakim Abdul Ishaqzai, seven people were killed Sunday in this city in eastern Afghanistan during the assault of a police headquarters traffic by a group of Taliban insurgents.

Contacted by telephone from Kabul, Ishaqzai said that the dead were three officers, three Taliban insurgents and one civilian. The police chief said the clash began early in the morning, when a group of four Taliban insurgents stormed the police headquarters in the city traffic, and became strong in the interior of the building.

Afghan and international forces from NATO surrounded the place, and subsequent gunfire killed three of the assailants. By midafternoon, the fourth assailant continued resisting inside the police headquarters, although the source said Afghan and international forces control the situation.

Speaking to local reporters, spokesmen of the Taliban movement claimed responsibility for the attack. The assault began just hours after three policemen and killed and four were wounded when their vehicle struck a bomb last night on a road in Obeh district in the province of Herat in western Afghanistan, reported local agency INA.

The new attacks come after a week in Afghanistan particularly bloody, with dozens of civilians and Afghan security forces killed in insurgent attacks as part of the spring offensive the Taliban launched this month and is named " Badar. " The Taliban offensive is carried out just two months before next July starts the gradual withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan Ewww, a process that is expected to conclude in 2014, when the Afghan army must take responsibility for security throughout the country .

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