Friday, May 6, 2011

CINEMA - Stop the nostalgia of the Ceausescu era

History has recorded the communist regime as illegitimate and illegal. Now, in your movie, we are reminded that the Queen of England as Richard Nixon and Charles de Gaulle, shook the hand of dictator. ANDREI UJICA According to the official history in the West, the communist regime came to power illegitimately.

But we all know that Europe was divided in February 1945 in Yalta, and then the West has protested that in form against the falsified elections held later in the Soviet sphere of influence. Politics is a pragmatic exercise for which the corporation is a rhetorical register. On the other hand, we tend to forget that when the communist regime was imposed on Romania by a foreign power, there was no tradition here of the movement, its members being only a few hundred.

But in the first free elections after the 1989 revolution, the direct descendant of the scheme received 85% of the votes: the vast majority of the population had accepted the system. What do you think of recent attempts to compare the two totalitarian ideologies that have plagued the twentieth century? If Nazism was a historical accident, this was not the case of Marxism.

The comparisons between the two ideologies and forms of dictatorship that ensued did not seem relevant. Prioritize statistics of victims will get us nowhere. If one tries to give a broader perspective, we note that there are certain macro-structures that activate latent evil in man. It is a cyclical rise throughout history, which is created each time the setting is conducive to the event: slavery, religious fundamentalism or ideological, etc..

A universal evil which, when unleashed, devours everything around it. As Dostoyevsky said: "In evil, man has reached the absolute." What is the distinction of right / left behind as the spirits within Europe? In my opinion, with the implosion of the last utopian ideology after the Enlightenment, Marxism, the distinction between left and right has no meaning.

Any discussion conducted in this context is somewhat fruitless. The conflict of opinion is reduced to a struggle between generations or between modernists and traditionalists. Unfortunately, the fight is led to shots of arguments from two erroneous report. The young remain in the confusion that has long blocked also Western culture, according to which there is an overlap between the ideas of the left and the idea of modernity.

Generation across forgets to turn that no restoration has been successful in all history and that the time frame can not be patched in order to eliminate an entire era. The fact that a number of Western philosophers, Alain Badiou, Slavoj Žižek on, enmeshed in neo-Marxist theory has at least one biographical justification.

But what can bring a young intellectual from home to join their positions, and even borrow arguments of postcolonial studies? Do not forget that there has never been a greater failure than Marxism in the history of thought. Do you think the film could serve as therapy for her audience, as it was for you? All countries emerging from dictatorship long suffering of a collective trauma.

And because no psychoanalyst in the world has a sofa large enough to seat an entire country, art can sometimes serve this function. My film can heal the trauma Communist insofar psychoanalysis can cure anything in general. But it can help the audience understand and, therefore, to find the roots of evil.

Poll finds 41% of Romanians would vote tomorrow to Ceausescu, if he stood for election. Can we say that the communist propaganda for years has managed to erase any bad memories? I think the result of this survey is one way to express discontent in times of crisis. People look at their daily life and express a form of nostalgia, stupid and irresponsible.

They look at history through their refrigerator. The nostalgic feel of any event that "it was better before."

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