Friday, May 6, 2011

Libyan rebels, ready to hold elections soon

The Libyan National Transition Council is ready to begin "immediately" preparations for municipal elections in its territory, as was stated on Thursday Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Franco Frattini. The CNT "has expressed its willingness to proceed immediately to prepare for local elections in its territory with the help of the UN.

This is a decision that shows his willingness to move forward" in the country's democratic process, said Frattini. In an appearance at the end of the second meeting of the Contact Group on Libya in Rome, the Italian minister, who held the host, explained that there is also the intention of creating a national assembly "reconstruction of Libya" to launch a democratic constitutional process in the country.

From the top of the Contact Group on Libya, which comes after the first meeting on April 13 in Doha, the departure point for the establishment of a special fund called "Temporary Financial Mechanism" to provide financial support to the Libyan National Transition Council. Frattini explained that this facility, which will be overseen by a committee of United Nations sanctions, will be added to other measures that allow a "partial thawing Libyan assets" currently frozen in banks in several countries.

This "temporary financial mechanism" shall not "administrative structure with the presence of representatives of Arab and European countries. On behalf of the European countries will be a six-monthly rotation between France and Italy, six months each, as participation in a narrow board that will administer this financial instrument, "said Frattini.

From the top of the Contact Group on Libya in Rome in attended by, among others, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Trinidad Jimenez, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, get a conclusive document which is committed to stepping up the pressure "on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi . "Time is running out for the regime of Gaddafi, who is now on the defensive and increasingly isolated internationally," the text, which is also expressed commitment to ensure that the "criminal actions inhumane e "committed against civilians will not go unpunished.

Frattini said that the attacks of allied military operations under NATO command on Libya have been reduced by 40 per cent and that Gaddafi's arsenal have decided not to consider the conclusions of the summit "ambitious" proposal for Turkey to declare a truce within seven days. At the meeting of the Contact Group on Libya on Thursday, attended by 22 countries, including Spain, 8 and 6 observers invited international organizations, reiterated its commitment to continue providing humanitarian assistance to the Libyan people.

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