Friday, May 6, 2011

Bin Laden and his long history sentimental

More than eleven years ago, a teenager was taken from her village in southern Yemen and moved first to Pakistan and then to Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. His name was Amal Al Sadah, wife of Bin Laden shortly before the terrible terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York became the fifth wife of the world's most wanted terrorist, as reported by the 'CNN'.

She was 18 and he 43. A leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen known as Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Ismail arranged the marriage between them. Ismail (whose brother spent time in Guantanamo) said in a local newspaper in Yemen that he was "responsible" for the link between Bin Laden and Al Sadah, and that she was "one of his students." "Even at his young age, was religious and spiritual enough and had the same belief that bin Laden a very religious and pious man," said Ismail.

Apparently, he was also a political alliance to boost support for Bin Laden in their ancestral homeland. According to Sunni tradition, very conservative, the wedding celebrations were a matter for men. "The bride has consented to accept travel to Afghanistan, so their presence was not necessary," said The Sunday Times' interview after Ismail.

"The men entered the union with songs and poetry, freshly killed lambs and large plates of rice," said Abu Jandal, who at that time was the official bodyguard of bin Laden. A year after the wedding, Amal Al Sadah gave birth in Kandahar (few days after the attacks in New York) to a girl named Safiyah.

She is probably the same daughter who, according to Pakistani authorities, was the death of his father at the hands of the U.S. SEALS. His mother, injured in the assault on Monday, and according to Pakistani sources, is recovering from an injured leg. A passport recovered in the complex where the U.S.

command surprised Bin Laden and his family appear to be yours. It is of Yemeni nationality although the name does not match exactly. Osama Bin Laden had over 20 children with five wives. One of her older children, already adults, was killed in Abottabad complex. The leader of Al Qaeda first married at age 17 with a cousin, Najwa Ghanem.

This woman was probably two years younger than him. They had 11 children, but after a long time together, Najwa left him and went to Afghanistan a few months before September 11, 2001. The Bin Laden's second wife was Khadija Sharif, nine years his senior. She was very polite and direct descendant of the Prophet.

They married in 1983 and had three children. Finally, back in the 1990s, when bin Laden lived in Sudan, both divorced because as Sharif was "unable to cope with a life so austere." Najwa, first wife of Bin Laden, helped organize his third marriage to Khairiah Sabar. It was another highly educated woman with a PhD in Sharia Islamic.

They had a son. Apparently, his third wife did not survive the bombings of October and November 2001 on Afghanistan. Then came Siham Sabar, his fourth wife. They had four children, but like Sabar not know anything about it. The terrorism analyst at the 'CNN' Paul Cruickshank says it was not unusual to find so many children in the house where Bin Laden lived in Abottabad.

"I was trying to train their children to follow their footsteps." In the weeks following the attack in New York, Bin Laden told a Pakistani journalist who had plans for one of their minor daughters, Safiyah. "I became a father of a child after 11 September," said Osama. "I called Safiyah, a woman who killed a Jewish spy in the time of the Prophet.

My daughter is going to kill enemies of Islam as it did in its day Safiyah."

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