Friday, May 6, 2011

Pippa and hot photos: scandal after so real

Exactly one week from the wedding and perhaps in the absence of gossip about William and Kate , the British media (and not only) are all focused on Pippa Middleton. The sister of the bride has almost stolen the show from the actors who are accomplices to an undoubted good looks and a dress gloves that praised physical forms.

Now the pictures of Middleton, taken before, during and after real wedding are doing around the world. One in particular, excited about the Internet and is intended to increase the hype, if not to cause scandal around the sister of Prince William.

The Middleton is photographed wearing only a white skirt and a purple bra. Dance leaning against a guy wearing only boxers. Image-remember, perhaps, a bit of an evening 'transgressive that you do not know much. It is not clear, for example, when the photo was taken. What is certain, however, that the charm of Pippa has struck again.

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