Friday, May 6, 2011

Hillary Clinton: "It was the most intense 38 minutes of my life"

Rome (Writing / AP) .- The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told how he lived in Rome today the assault of the U.S. elite troops against Osama Bin Laden, who remained in the White House with President Barack Obama other senior management. "I have no idea what I was seeing at the time the picture was taken (in which he looked with his hand in his face and expression of fear), it might be a fit of coughing caused by my allergy spring, "Clinton reported.

He added: "But I can tell you that it was the most intense 38 minutes of my life," Clinton said at a press conference with his Italian counterpart, Franco Frattini, held at the Farnesina, the seat of Italian Foreign Ministry, before the meeting of the Contact Group for Libya. As additional details of the military operation has killed Bin Laden, Secretary of State has reported that "I will not discuss details of the operation.

I have the utmost respect for members of the administration have led the operation, which was made following the highest standards of professionalism ", said today in Rome. "Bin Laden was a sworn enemy of the United States and a danger to all humanity. Has committed crimes in our country, in London, Madrid, Bali and elsewhere, and fortunately today we see that their ideas are being rejected by the popular protest movements in the Middle East and North Africa, "Clinton said." Bin Laden was a U.S.

goal for ten years, and the intent of the operation was to end his leadership on terrorism. I have no doubt that now our country and the world are safer, "said Clinton." Bin Laden's death has sent a clear message about the strength and determination of the international community against terrorism, "he added Clinton, "but the battle against Al Qaeda does not end here." Secretary of State has said that his country will "redouble their efforts not only in Afghanistan," where the goal is to allow "in 2014, the government can defend itself," but throughout the world.

"There is much work to do. And those who kill innocent people be killed or brought to justice. No terrorist will go unpunished. "

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