Friday, May 6, 2011

The FBI alert alleged virus hidden in images of Bin Laden death

Barcelona (Editorial / Agencies) .- The FBI warning to Internet users that any number of viruses are circulating the net under the lure of offering pictures and videos of alleged death of Osama Bin Laden. The virus would have reached far wider dissemination would be a malicious program hidden in an email that promises the user images of the terrorist's death.

According to the Complaint Center Internet Crime (IC3) of the FBI, the "content may be a virus that could damage your computer, it contains malicious software - 'malware', which can enter the terminal through contact lists, can be extended to friends and family systems, and infect their computers.

" The IC3 warns users to be wary of emails that advertised pictures of the death of most wanted terrorist in the world, since this type of virus typically programmed to steal personal data and identification information. The FBI's cyber division stresses the need to take basic precautions such as not opening unsolicited emails from unknown senders or and not open links that may contain these messages.

"Even if the sender is a family member, users must be cautious and make sure they have their anti-virus software updated and running to detect and remove malicious software." The FBI also recommends users to set privacy options for profiles on social networks to make it difficult for a stranger to have access to their lists of email addresses, and avoid downloading unknown software to watch video.

Attempted fraud under the guise of supposed images of Bin Laden's death would also extending social networks. According to reports from various security companies, many Facebook users have been on the wall of his profile invitations to access images of the alleged death of Bin Laden. The invitation provides a link to a page that the user must visit.

If you do not find an image, but the message will be replicated fraudulent profiles of all the user's contacts deceived. The use of hearing news of great decoy to circulate online virus and malware has already been used on a recurring basis at major events like the World Cup in South Africa, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan or the last family wedding British royal.

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