Friday, May 6, 2011

Fidel Castro as a "abhorrent deed" the "murder" of Bin Laden

La Habana. .- The president of Cuba Fidel Castro denounced today the U.S. methods to kill Bin Laden, whose death took up a "murder" and said that burial at sea shows "fear and insecurity." "Whatever the acts attributed to Bin Laden, the killing of a human being disarmed and surrounded by family is an abhorrent deed.

Apparently that is what made the Government of the most powerful nation that ever existed," wrote Fidel Castro, 84 years in the last of his "Reflections" published today. The Cuban Revolution leader also believes that the United States shows "fear and insecurity" to run "without law or trial" to Bin Laden and then send his body "to the depths of the sea", while cautioning that such a proceeding "as become a much more dangerous.

" "Even the U.S. public opinion after the initial euphoria will end up criticizing the methods, far from protecting citizens end up multiplying the feelings of hatred and revenge against them," Castro in his review article entitled "The Assassination of Osama Bin Laden. " After noting that Cuba expressed its solidarity with the United States on the occasion of the 11-S and offered their cooperation in the field of health, Fidel Castro accuses the U.S.

power the "unjust war" in Iraq and Afghanistan or the "horrific images "Guantanamo prison," occupied territory of Cuba. " "Obama (Barack, the U.S. president) has no way to hide that Osama was killed in front of their children and wives, now in the hands of the authorities in Pakistan, a Muslim country of nearly 200 million people, whose laws have been raped, their national dignity offended and outraged their religious traditions ", reported the Cuban president.

Fidel Castro also reaffirms its conviction that international terrorism will never be resolved through violence and war, while recalls in his article that Bin Laden "was for years a friend of America, who trained him militarily, and adversary of the USSR and socialism. " Fidel Castro's article is the first high-level reaction in Cuba to the death of Osama Bin Laden, that has been collected and commented in recent days by the mainstream media of the island, all officers.

The government of General Raúl Castro has made no decision yet about it.

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