Friday, May 6, 2011

Pakistan warns U.S. that never again violate its sovereignty

Islamabad. .- The Pakistani army chief, Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, warned that if U.S.. UU. launched another operation on its soil as that deOsama killed Bin Laden, Pakistan review its "cooperation" military and intelligence with Washington. In its first official statement on Monday after the death of al Qaeda, the Pakistani army admitted failure to obtain data on the presence of Bin Laden in this country, and made clear that the American secret services (CIA) did not share information with Pakistanis (ISI) for the operation.

"He has ordered an investigation into the circumstances that led to this situation," reads the note, issued after a meeting of commanders of the main bodies of the Army. The note states that the Pakistani Army has decided to "reduce the muscle of U.S. military personnel. UU. In Pakistan to a bare minimum" without giving details.

Whilst acknowledging gaps in their task of obtaining information about bin Laden, Pakistan's military leaders praised the "achievements" on terrorism by the ISI, including the arrest of a hundred leaders of Al Qaeda. Pakistani Armed Forces finally reiterated "its determination to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan, and combat the threat of terrorism."

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