Friday, May 6, 2011

Allied countries financed Libyan rebels

ROME .- The Contact Group on Libya today established a special fund called "Temporary Financial Mechanism" to provide financial support "stronger" at the National Transitional Council (CNT) Libyan. This was announced today the Foreign Minister of Italy, Franco Frattini, during his keynote address at the second meeting of the Contact Group on Libya, held in Rome after the April 13 summit in Doha.

"We need a stronger financial support for the CNT. So I welcome the announcement to be made today, the establishment of a special fund called" Temporary Financial Mechanism ', which will allow funds to be channeled efficiently and transparently to the National Transition Council, "said the Italian minister, who serves as host of the summit.

"A serious problem needs to be addressed with priority: the possibility for the CNT to apply to thaw Libyan assets for humanitarian reasons. That money belongs to the Libyan people. Italy and France have urged the relevant bodies of the EU (European Union European) to find a solution, "he added.

In the keynote address at the meeting, involving 22 countries and eight observers invited and six international organizations, Frattini stressed the need to seek a ceasefire in Libya to give way after a political process leading to a democracy. "Military pressure is not an end in itself but is a very important tool.

I hope that other partners decide to actively join Protecting the unified operation of NATO, not only with the vision of sharing the burden of it, but also by the political signal it would send a broader participation, "said the Italian minister. "Libya will not let a divided and uncertain as a playground for the mercenaries of (Libyan leader Muammar al) Gaddafi.

Our message must be to keep the pressure, using all legitimate means and in order also to convince the environment Gaddafi is one of the many who have already left, "he added. According to Foreign Minister of Italy, the international community must work to achieve an "effective cease-fire, and then obtaining the return of combatants to their barracks and start a political process that fuses a democratic Libya, following the road route proposed by the CNT.

Frattini, who said that Libya is not a civil war, stressed the need to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Libya on the agenda of the meetings of the Contact Group and CNT provide technical assistance to help in his own administration. At the meeting of the Contact Group on Libya to be held today in Rome involving, among others, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the foreign ministers of Spain, Trinidad Jimenez, France, Alain Juppe, and the United Kingdom William Hague.

The CNT claims between 2,000 and 3,000 million dollars in loans and aid to countries that are in possession of assets belonging to Gaddafi or environment, and have been frozen under the sanctions against the Libyan regime.

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