Friday, May 6, 2011

Moscow announces the death of the leader of the Russian Islamic terrorism

Russia announced on Wednesday in Chechnya elimination of al Qaeda in the country after the death of his predecessor in April. Moscow welcomes the success in the war against international terrorist organization, accusing it of promoting rebellion in the North Caucasus. According to a statement from the National Counterterrorism Committee (NAK), quoted by the agencies, the fighter had the nom de guerre Abdullah Kurd, but held a Turkish passport under the name of Doger Sevdet.

"On 3 May, two rebels were killed in fighting around the mountainous region of Vedeno in Chechnya. One of them was identified as Doger Sevdet, a Turkish citizen born in 1977, known under the name of Kurd Abdullah," the agency "Itar-Tass', citing the NAK. "Kurd Abdullah assumed the role of emissary from Al Qaeda" in the North Caucasus, after the removal of Russian forces from his superior in the hierarchy, known by the nickname of Mohanned.

according to the same source. "It was he who was responsible for controlling the distribution of foreign funds to finance the rebellion in the North Caucasus," says the NAK. "This transaction is the result of the coordination of intelligence and the Russian forces, which must be added the active collaboration with our foreign allies," said the NAK.

The death of Al Qaeda emissary "seriously complicate the contacts between the rebellion of the North Caucasus and the international terrorist organization," added the committee. This announcement, made after the United States on the death of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, is a success for Russia, which claims to address international terrorism in the North Caucasus, after the second Chechen war, unleashed in 1999.

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