Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama will not release photos of Bin Laden, but he fears leaks

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has decided not to publish photos of the corpse of Osama Bin Laden, who took over the operation Geronimo, as confirmed by the White House spokesman, Jay Carney. Obama, however, has made clear that "no doubt that Osama Bin Laden killed" but that "there fore we will bring these things as trophies." Carney has said that the Government fears that "the image becomes a propaganda tool." So far, the White House was debating what was best "to U.S.

interests" show or not the "gruesome" photos, as all who have called have seen. But Obama has ended the question and decided that no. "President Barack Obama has shown more respect for bin Laden and his body than he had Osama with the victims of September 11, Carney replied, when asked if the U.S.

government has taken this decision under pressure from the possible reaction Muslim world. The spokesman insisted that the "number one priority of the U.S. government is the country's security" and that is what they seek to prevail in this decision. However, the danger now is the leaking of some of these negative because, throughout the day, have been known various information on journalists and politicians who have witnessed them.

In fact, a U.S. senator, Kelly Ayotte, explained that another senator had shown him. Do possessed this other senator? Was it a picture or more that was? Will there be more people who have a copy? Do you control your custody? But in addition, could the White House into a string of denials by the many fake photos that are now emerging on the net? Or is it just limited to that which has not had any involvement in the possible leak? Too many questions that Obama has dealt only with their official denial.

Ayotte also insisted that "although not an expert on the subject, which appears in the photo is the leader of Al Qaeda," because it has all its features. " Also, some journalists, such as the CBS, say they have seen the pictures and described as "horrifying." Appear Bin Laden's face with a large wound in the head by one of the two shots she received, with some brains.

Since one of the shots entered his left eye, opened the skull and part of the brain was extracted. The former leader of Al Qaeda, according to information provided by the United States, was shot twice at close range as he resisted arrest, but was unarmed. One of the shots hit him in the head and the second went through his chest.

The White House feared that publication could have an effect "incendiary" in some groups and weighed so what was the "right decision." Now you are clear, they prefer to have doubts about the Saudi leader's death risk to immortalize all the feelings that may cause the death of Bin Laden in one image.

While continuing controversy over the pictures of Bin Laden dead, nor stop the contradictory versions of what happened during the operation that eliminated the terrorist leader. An official source at the Pentagon has once again reaffirm that yes there was a shooting to justify action by the Navy Seals.

"I know qye there was an exchange of gunfire," he said without answering the question of whether Bin Laden opened fire. "It was night, it was dark, people were moved and fired by more than one person, there were weapons in the area," he said. However, other sources quoted by the NBC say that four of the five people killed in the operation (including Bin Laden) had no weapons and never the 'entourage' of Bin Laden opened fire.

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