Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama: "When we say we do not forget, we mean"

New York. .- The President of the United States, Barack Obama said today that "when we say we do not forget, we mean it", visiting one of the fire stations that responded to the 11-S in New York. Obama visits the Big Apple four days after the death of the leader of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden in an operation carried out by American commandos in the house he lived in Abbotabbad (Pakistan).

The President will have lunch today at the firehouse, which lost fifteen men to sink the skyscrapers and still hosts the "Car 54, Ladder 4", one of the first truck that came to the Twin Towers when the planes hijacked by terrorists of Al Qaeda crashed into them and caused their collapse.

During his visit to this unit fire Obama had the opportunity to see a bronze plaque on one wall honors fallen fifteen, was accompanied by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano , among others. The president greeted one by one to each firefighter, before the vehicle 54.

"This is a site that symbolizes the extraordinary sacrifices made on that terrible day almost ten years," said Obama. And referring to the death of Bin Laden, the president said that "what happened on Sunday sent a message: When we say that we never forget, we mean it." "It's something that goes beyond political parties and governments ...

You always have a president and a government that will support them, "said Obama, who has not yet scheduled any public statement during this visit. In addition to greet the fire, Obama plans to lay a wreath at Ground Zero, where rose the twin towers collapsed in the attacks of September 11, 2001, and meeting with relatives of the victims.

According to presidential spokesman, Jay Carney, the visit is appropriate after successful mission to do justice to Bin Laden, to recognize the terrible losses suffered by New York on 11-S and to recognize the burden that families and loved ones of the victims have led since then, almost ten years.

"The visit, he added, represents an effort to" try help New Yorkers and Americans in general, to turn the page ". Bin Laden died Sunday of several shots to the head and chest that was shot by U.S. commandos, which located in a residence in the mountain town of Abbottabad , near Islamabad.

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