Friday, May 6, 2011

The aircraft carrier that launched the body of Bin Laden calls dock in Hong Kong

Beijing .- The U.S. aircraft carrier from which the sea threw the corpse of Osama Bin Laden has sought permission to anchor in the port of China Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong in late May, reported the Beijing government. "We received the request and the relevant authorities take the case under the procedure," the spokesman on duty at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Jiang Yu, told a news conference.

The official would not confirm whether his government will grant permission to the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson U.S. Navy and was limited to ensure that the application is to be considered on a case by case. " According to Pentagon sources, the corpse of Bin Laden jumped into the sea from the Carl Vinson in order to comply with Islamic tradition, a point which has been questioned by experts who say that religion actually contradicts sharia (Islamic law).

Those same sources say that Bin Laden's body was transported to the Carl Vinson by helicopter from the village in which lived in Pakistan and where was shot dead by U.S. military, so his body was found on the seabed in a area north of the Arabian Sea. Although the Pentagon says it has images at launch from both the body at sea as the body, finally the U.S.

president, Barack Obama announced yesterday that it will publish photos of the dead leader of al Qaeda because the terrorist's body "is not a trophy. "

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