Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eight Spanish banks financed the bombs Gaddafi

Barcelona. .- La Caixa, Banco de Sabadell and six other Spanish banks financed the manufacture of cluster bombs built by the Spanish company Instalaza in 2007 that the Libyan government of Muammar Qaddafi Misrata used to bomb, according to a report says SETEM . This organization, which aims to promote collective transformations to achieve a fair world, today released a report denouncing the strong linkage of Spanish banks to the arms industry and has launched the campaign "Clean Banking.

We are customers, no accomplices. " According to some sources, the financing of cluster bombs MAT-120 used by the army also attended Cajalón Gaddafi, Box Spain, Caja Mediterráneo, Bankinter and Banco Popular Ibercaja. They also noted that since 2006, fourteen Spanish banks are financially and economically involved in nineteen of the leading manufacturers of controversial and prohibited weapons that cause hundreds of thousands of deaths of civilians around the world.

The report presented today ensure that the Spanish bank BBVA is the most active in funding controversial arms-producing companies and investment funds managed by this entity are twelve companies shares and bonds in two others. Also ensure that the bank Santander is in second place in the financing of controversial arms producers, to investment funds that own shares of thirteen companies.

They have also claimed that he has made loans to seven companies and has helped three companies in the bond issue. Bankier, which includes Caja Madrid, Bancaja, Caja Segovia, Caja Avila, Caja Rioja, Caja Insular Laietana and Caja de Canarias, has SETEM as a mutual fund with shares in eight producers of controversial weapons, and has made a loan to a producer weapons.

The report is available at www. bancalimpia. com website where citizens can find out what makes your bank. SETEM recommends that customers of these banks sending a letter to the entity requesting to withdraw this support.

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