Thursday, May 5, 2011

Attacked the convoy of Turkish Prime Minister

A police officer is dead and another was wounded in an attack on convoi Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The president had given an election rally in the city of Kastamonu, on the shores of the Black Sea, then flew by helicopter to the nearby city of Amasya, while his team was returning by road to Ankara.

Go through the Ilgaz Mountains, about 17:15 local time (one hour less in Spain), one of the cars in the convoy was hit by several hand grenades, immediately afterwards came under automatic weapons fire and burst into flames. One policeman was killed and two others were evacuated by ambulance, police sources said on CNN Türk.

The rest of the team launched an operation to apprehend those responsible. Still no news of the result. From Amasya, where he made his rally as planned, Erdogan expressed his regret at the death of the police. He blamed the attack on "terrorists, separatists" and said that "those who think they can not resolve their problems at the polls think they achieved through armed attacks." He added that his party "would not allow the division of Turkey" and would do best to avoid a confrontation between the 74 million Turkish citizens.

The proximity of general elections on June 12, in which the AKP, Erdogan's conservative party, partly as a clear favorite, certainly added controversy to the attack. Still no data and speculation about the authorship of the attack, which occurred in a region far from the Kurdish provinces, which operates the PKK guerrillas.

However, as the Turkish daily Today's Zaman, Erdogan's reaction clearly points to the PKK. Not only by reference to "separatists" but also because the guerrillas, Kurdish guerrillaento consideradasta terrorist by the European Union, maintains ties with the BDP Kurdish party in the last decade, the fourth force at the polls.

Unlike the Kurdish movement, the extreme leftist factions, which in the past have staged sporadic armed clashes with the police, not part of the electoral landscape and are capable of provoking a "clash of the population." But the agency Firat, usually broadcast communications from the PKK, makes no mention of any claims in the summary of the news offered in its web.

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