Thursday, May 5, 2011

Côte d'Ivoire - Simone has been no help

God exists, and for everyone. Laurent Gbagbo, who was a perception of the most selfish, just to experience it. One whose campaign slogan was "We win or we win ..." was taken with his wife in the basement of the presidential residence, surrounded by among others his marabout and his evangelical pastors.

Shadowy figures who, like many others, had more faith in the safes of the President in God. A faith so any food. Could anyone believe that God would exempt indefinitely, let them continue their orgy of tears and blood man who at the beginning of his reign, said that a thousand deaths to his right and the left does not affect his work? It is already reported as well as a dangerous man.

His wife does it will have been of no help. Simone, who should have played a positive role in advising her husband to be behaved rather like a blaster. No woman in the history of Côte d'Ivoire has been cruel to his people. Because in the end, the course of Simone, like her husband, has been littered with corpses and many other damage.

One that could play a role as regulator and stabilizer will have completely reneged on his intuition, his sensitivity as a woman and mother, all of which could be a valuable contribution to her president husband. Gbagbo, his wife and his clan will remember for centuries to bad memory of posterity.

With his arrest, a new chapter in the history of Côte d'Ivoire is being written. Hopefully it will be performed by men who fear the sky and honor humanity. And this task must go back to all Ivorians, irrespective of religion, region and ethnicity. Gbagbo and his wife have done everything to have their civil war.

Their litany of evangelical pastors, marabouts and many other mystics will be fully involved in this. But they do not seem to have been approved by God. To say that bulimia unbridled power has lost the man who stands out as ever African head of state has done, through deceit, trickery and cunning.

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