Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taysir Alouni: Respect? people do not respect this

"There's something dark in all this. Until we show pictures of the body and the operation can not believe that Osama bin Laden has died at the hands of Americans as they say." The speaker is Taysir Alouni, a correspondent for Al Jazeera television and the only journalist who met during the war in Afghanistan, the world's most wanted man.

He says the news of the death of the leader of Al Qaeda not surprised because "it's something I expected at any moment." Of course, warns that without pictures, it looks like it is "a theater." Alouni theory is simple: "The date of the departure of U.S. troops in Afghanistan draws near, July 2011, Americans could not give closed the mission without a breakthrough.

Now they have their great success." Says that without the cooperation of Pakistan to hunt terrorists would not have been possible and explained that, while now the country's government protested for allegedly not having been advised of the operation, "it is certain that there has been collaboration of Pakistani Intelligence Service ".

Clarifies that Islamabad does not want involvement in the death attributed to Bin Laden because "he is a hero for more than half of the country, as seen in photos and reports and news from Al Jazeera's site." "The helicopters have cameras, the military also, why not teach," he asks. Whether it is a matter of respect, Alouni laughs: "Respect? These people did not respect anything, not to the living and the dead.

No one can believe that argument." Alouni, born in Syrian and Spanish citizenship, was sentenced in 2005 to seven years in prison for collaborating with the terrorist network Al Qaeda through the cell dismantled in Spain in November 2001, whose alleged leader, Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas, alias 'Abu Dahdah', was linked, according to legal sources.

He defends his innocence. In October 2006 he was put under house arrest because of his health. As he explained to elmundo. is currently serving a sentence but can leave home, provided they do not leave Granada, the city where he resides.

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