Thursday, May 5, 2011

Abbottabad Lawyers protest the operation against Bin Laden

Abbottabad. .- Tens of lawyers demonstrated today in Abbottabad (northern Pakistan) against the U.S. operation. UU. ended in this town with the life of the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden in the early hours of Monday. "We condemn terrorism, but we also condemn the U.S. action with the harshest words," he told Efe Tahir Faraz Abbasi, president of the local Bar Association and leader of the protest, which is the first that occurs in Abbottabad against the U.S.

military operation. "They have destroyed the peace of our city and we also believe that they have attacked our sovereignty," he said. The representative of the association of lawyers in Abbottabad wanted to stress that the protesters did not defend bin Laden, but wanted to express their opposition to the U.S.

government. UU. and Pakistan, "a double game and kill a terrorist." The protesters also expressed disbelief at the fact that the leader of Al Qaeda actually live in Abbottabad, a city "quiet and nice" not far from some of the mountain resorts of South Asian country. "Bin Laden said that he lived here in the last five years, but nobody has seen," said Faraz Abbasi, who showed his reservations about the fact that there was a desire to show the inside of the house occupied by the Saudi terrorist.

Lawyers play a major role in Pakistani society and politics, and political demonstrations are common in their associations. The lawyers' movement across the country in 2008 against the dismissal of Chief Justice was finally out of office for then President Pervez Musharraf.

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