Thursday, May 5, 2011

INDONESIA - Fresh milk for babies

Noon. Ramdariani Amanda, 25, awaits the steed of breast milk in his office, located in the district of Slipi in West Jakarta. Once it arrives, Amanda assigned a small bag containing a bottle filled with her own breast milk and he pays his race. Feri, courier company Express Arga Nirwana, hastened immediately to his motorcycle and place the bottle in a cooler.

After collecting bottles in various other offices along the Avenue of General Sudirman (Central Jakarta artery housing the headquarters of many large companies), Feri delivers subscribers at home, where nannies accusing good reception the valuable commodity. Two months ago that Amanda is subscribed to the service delivery of milk, she discovered the Internet and through a TV show.

She made this decision when the stock of breast milk of his refrigerator started to decline and is no longer enough to feed his daughter, Mielle, aged 5 months. Amanda hand indeed early in the morning and does his work fit only 20 hours, so she has time to pump that 200 milliliters of milk while the baby is drinking 600 milliliters per day.

It is to help working women like Amanda that built his company Fikri delivery of breastmilk. The idea is part of his own experience when his wife delivered their third child, Fikri began to pick up the milk that she drew from her breasts on his workplace in order to bring home for the baby .

"I thought that many women would need such a service," he says. In 2005, he staged Arga Nirwana Express. His business began to thrive when in 2009 a decree by the Ministry of Health has stipulated that "every baby [had] the right to be fed exclusively on breast milk from birth to age 6 months, except cons-medical indication.

" This decree has launched a real way of breastfeeding among working women in Jakarta, with a style of dress appropriate and all its associated accessories: manual or electric pump, bottle container, cooler bag, bra windows , superabsorbent pads for big breasts. The special nursing blouses are all the rage.

There is the apron that tied behind the neck as for cooking, the model "cape" or "poncho", which covers both the chest and back, cut in a plain fabric or geometric patterns, etc.. Mothers can breastfeed so while remaining very "trendy". Vira and Majid, 33, a bank executive, she carries three bags still over their workplace.

The first contains his computer and his mobile phone. Second, she calls his "portable milk", is reserved for equipment for milk. In the third bag, Vira puts his small dishes for lunch and some appetite suppressant vitamin. "I'm sure my diet. This is the condition that my milk is good quality," said Vira, who is still nursing her third child, aged 8 months, pumping her milk manually behind his desk.

Wulandi Maya, 34, made it a miserable experience. One day she receives a call from his nurse: "Madame, there is a power outage this morning at home. It's been eight hours. All milk in the fridge has turned." Maya bursts into tears. "I had stored dozens of bottles of 150 milliliters. When I got home, I have not had the heart to throw all the milk I had so laboriously pumped into the toilet.

I watered the plants with, "she says. Maya had to cry about. She goes to work every morning at 5 h 30 in the bike. It has to pump her milk at least four times a day at his place of work because it does not come before 20 o'clock. "At that time, I pump my milk in the toilet because our offices were not yet en lactation.

But suddenly there was a queue outside the toilet, I heard my colleagues get impatient and it was stressing me "recalls Maya. After this unfortunate experience, his company has built a small space in the dining room of lactation, as recommended by the Ministry of Health in its decree.

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