Thursday, May 5, 2011

South Africa ends up with lesbian rape

The more than 170,000 signatures collected worldwide to end remedial lesbian rape in South Africa have had a practical effect: the Justice Department has agreed this morning to create a special commission to address the matter as "serious and urgent" . Members of the judiciary, police and activists for gay rights work together to tackle this chilling and repeated occurrence of lesbians who are raped to make them heterosexual.

The latest example, which has spurred occurred a month ago when Nogwaza Noxolo, 24, was stoned, raped and stabbed in Johannesburg by a group of men. Nogwaza was one of the activists involved in the political campaign to make visible the problem in South Africa. Now, the 15th of July, work will start in Parliament.

A revolutionary proposal that affects the South African law, the most open of the whole continent, not to marginalize homosexuals (a social evil africana). For its part, Ndumie Case, founder of the NGO Luleki Sizwe, which announced a month and a half ELMUNDO. is that it will not stop until they recognize their rights, said that "this demonstrates the Government's true that we do not want to leave alone." In particular, the strongest demand, which is "a proper treatment of the police to victims, investigation and detention of offenders, and consider the sexuality of the victim of rape as an aggravating factor" seems to be admitted on a new project covering from the judiciary, the legislative and social.

In fact, corrective rape enter the field of cases of discrimination and incitement to hatred, one of the most sensitive issues in the country. The ANC Women's League and organizations have expressed satisfaction with a project that "we approach the twenty-first century." A further shift in South Africa that could lead the continent from the standpoint of economic and social.

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