Thursday, May 5, 2011

Armed groups abduct children for use as soldiers in Central African Republic

United Nations. .- The Central African Republic is the setting for "serious crimes" against children, due to the numerous kidnappings of children several armed movements performed to instruct them as soldiers, said today Watchlist. The coalition of NGOs today released a report in collaboration with the Center for Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) and alleging that Liberation Army (LRA) and other armed movements "Central kidnap children, instruct them in armed groups and deprive them of necessary humanitarian assistance.

" "The LRA is present and active in the Central African Republic, where kidnapped children are raped, used as sex slaves and forced to attack villages and kill other people including children are also" the report said. In presenting this work at the United Nations headquarters, the Director of Watchlist, Eva Smets, accused the Government of the Republic and "the greater part of the international humanitarian community" to do nothing to prevent the tragedy of children in the African country, and appealed the action of the Security Council United Nations.

The report is called "A Future Uncertain?" and is the fruit of the mission conducted in January Watchlist and IDMC in the African country, where they met with former child soldiers and their families, community leaders and representatives from the security forces and militia in defense of populations.

"This report denounces the situation in the Central African Republic from the perspective of the victims. We learned directly from the children and their families what really happens and how it affects them," said the expert in the African country of IDMC, Laura Pérez, the same presentation.

"The reason why the Central African Republic to receive the same level of humanitarian aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo is because it has the same international attention. Our goal is to devote more attention to the horrible conditions they face children there, "said Perez. Coincided with her Smets, who acknowledged that the African country now faces an opportunity "if President Francois Bozize and his government are able to consolidate a peace process and mark the real end of armed struggle in the country", for it is necessary "response from the international community." Both organizations are asking the Security Council United Nations to help the Central African Government to sign a peace agreement in the country "that will restore the access of humanitarian aid to certain communities of displaced people in rebel-controlled areas," among other measures .

It also calls upon the Government of the United States and the European Union (EU) supplying "urgent" funds for children that have been used as soldiers received psychological help they need.

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