Thursday, May 5, 2011

Afghanistan suggests Pakistan could know where Bin Laden was hiding

Kabul, May 4 .- The Afghan government today suggested that Pakistan could know exactly where Osama Bin lived Ladenantes including the operation of U.S. Special Forces. UU. that ended his life in the northern Pakistani city of Abbottabad. "Not only in a country like Pakistan, with its sophisticated spy, even a very weak country with a weak intelligence service would have known who lived in a house near a National Military Academy", said the Afghan defense spokesman, Zahir Azimi .

"If an agency does not know that a few hundred meters has been living the most wanted terrorist in the world, how will you be able to protect their strategic weapons?" Azimi said referring to Pakistan's atomic arsenal. At a press conference, Afghan spokesman said it remains a matter of speculation whether the Pakistani intelligence helped U.S.

special forces. UU. when you're finished with Bin Laden, in a house not far from Abbottabad to the military academy in Kakul. "There are many questions that need answering," added the spokesman, who noted that in Kakul receive training Pakistani Army officers and many soldiers live in housing nearby.

Various international governments have expressed doubts in recent hours about whether Pakistan provided some assistance to bin Laden since his departure from Afghanistan, following the invasion of that country by U.S. troops in 2001. The invasion brought an end to the Taliban regime, which harbored the leader of Al Qaeda, but analysts said the Taliban leadership is hiding in Pakistan, the country where, according to the Afghan government should take place in the "war on terror ".

"Once again, he told the NATO war against terror is not being fought in Afghanistan. Osama was not in Afghanistan. I have found in Pakistan," he said Monday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, in his first appearance after Bin Laden's death. Afghanistan and Pakistan have maintained very delicate relations in recent years, stemming in part of the bet that this country did for the Taliban "enemy of Karzai, and a border dispute that remains unresolved.

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