Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mubarak could be executed

Hosni Mubarak could face the death penalty if convicted of the crime of having ordered the repression that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators during the protests that brought an end to his Government last February. "He is accused, among other things, had given orders that killed demonstrators," said Mohamed Abdelaziz al Juindy, the new Egyptian Minister of Justice, during an interview with the 'CNN'.

"If your involvement in these crimes is proved, the court will not hesitate to sentence Mubarak and sentenced to death," he said. "In some cases a judge may sentence a defendant on certain occasions, in this case, however, believe there is no reason for it," concluded the minister. According to him, Mubarak is accused of a "horrible crime that killed over 800 civilians.

The only thing you do is claim their rights and bring down a corrupt president." The fragile state of health that is Mubarak will not alter the interrogations to be faced by these allegations. "It will be the first time will face interrogation and therefore it is affecting him psychologically normal," said the minister.

"He is obliged to attend the trial," stresses Al Juindy. However, if Mubarak is not able to attend, "will visit you personally, as it should have the opportunity to defend itself." A Mubarak also accused decorrupción and embezzlement of state money. "There are reports showing that the deposed president is in possession of large amounts of money," said Minister of Justice.

"We can not assure the exact amount." According to Al Junidy, Mubarak's trial will demonstrate that justice is taken at face value in Egypt. "The law is respected throughout Egypt and applies to any person, without exception," he concludes.

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