Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bin Laden had 500 euros in cash

Osama bin Laden had 500 euros in cash and two phone numbers sewn into the clothes he wore when he was shot, suggesting he was ready to flee at any moment of the residence where he was hiding, has revealed the daily "Politico." These details were revealed by the CIA director, Leon Panetta, to delegates at a meeting "classified" on Tuesday to inform Congress of the U.S.

military operation early on Sunday and Monday killed the head of al- Qaeda. Three congressmen, whose name has not released the paper, turn leaked the details to 'Political', although the White House has refused to confirm the information. According to sources, Panetta has given details about the money and phone numbers to answer a question about why Bin Laden did not have more safety equipment at the residence where he had hidden several years apparently.

The director of the CIA considered bin Laden "believed that his network was strong enough to pre-empt" any U.S. attack, hence carrying the money and phone numbers to be "prepared to escape if he warned of a imminent attack. " An opinion that the newspaper "could be reinforced" by the revelation of the White House yesterday that bin Laden was not armed at the time of being killed, an issue that has generated intense debate in the United States.

Initially had said that the terrorist leader was killed in a shootout. The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, on Tuesday amended version of events to confirm that Bin Laden "was not armed," while noting that the leader of Al Qaeda did offer resistance, without specifying what kind. "Resist not require a gun," Carney said simply.

Panetta, meanwhile, has strengthened to some extent this position by stating in an interview on PBS that was a very quick decision and that the commands were some "threatening movements" that prompted them to shoot. According to the director of the CIA, the decision to open fire was an "action for a split second." "There were some shootings in place while the boys (SEALs) were making their way down the stairs in the residence.

And when they got there, there were some threatening movements that clearly represented a clear threat to our kids," Panetta defended. Although Obama's senior adviser on terrorism, John Brennan, had said on Monday that the command was ready to capture Bin Laden alive if he did not resist, Panetta stressed that nevertheless had the "authority" to "kill" the leader of Al Qaeda.

"According to the rules of engagement, if in fact would have raised their hands, had surrendered and had not seemed to pose any kind of threat, then had to catch him. But they had full authority to kill him," he insisted.

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