Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kosovo - A Chair? Thank you United States!

The Presidency of Behgjet Pacolli, 28 March invalidated by the Constitutional Court, lasted only thirty-five days. This type of case is transforming our country into an oasis of despair and encourage our readers to think that "Albanians do not know how to hold a state." Moving on. The agreement signed between the two major parties has resulted in the election Kosovar [April 7] of a new president, former police officer Atifete Jahjaga.

It is now clear to everyone that is representative of the United States Ambassador Christopher Dell, who is behind this election. And, finally, it's not worse. Ambassador Dell is responsible not to leave Kosovo after failing miserably as supported by Washington. We know he was the eminence grise behind the election of Behgjet Pacolli.

Embarrassed by the disclosure of his texts in the press [the Kosovo media have revealed the contents of some messages that the U.S. ambassador exchanged with senior officials of the country, trying to influence the vote in Parliament] and the subsequent fiasco Pacolli, Dell has now decided to act openly.

It has forced our leaders to find common ground to avoid yet another institutional crisis. Ambassador Dell has laid the groundwork necessary to compromise and closed the door to speculation about the personality which returned the merit of this agreement. Given the circumstances, it would have been hard to beat.

Dell is also put on the table the envelope containing the name of the new president. He emerged from anonymity and a woman whose biography shows that she was a complete unknown to us. And it was a wise decision too, because it challenged our leaders to their inability to provide viable candidates.

Dell has chosen a representative of the police, because the uniforms are the only signs meaningful here. Recently, someone said that Kosovo was functioning as a police state: what is more logical than choosing someone wearing the blue uniform for the presidency? Besides, this is not the first time an individual is found overnight propelled to the pinnacle of power.

This kind of surprise is commonplace here. And I think those who see in a Atifete Jahjaga interim until the presidential election next year are wrong. It is perhaps a little early to tell, but just as Ambassador Dell decides otherwise, and certainly she will win the election in 2012. With us, you can!

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