Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thousands of Islamists pray to the martyr Bin Laden

About a thousand radical Islamists gathered in Jakarta on Wednesday in a mass prayer to claim the figure of the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and accused of terrorism to U.S. President Barack Obama. Radicals gathered at the headquarters of the Islamic Defenders Front, the group convener and intends to implement Koranic law in Indonesia, and prayed for the "mujahedin" (Defender of the Faith) Bin Laden in a nearby mosque.

Front leaflets distributed among participants with a text that thanked the "services" the leader of Al Qaeda and his death is suspicious because "America has not yet shown his corpse." In the exterior of the mosque, dozens of banners and posters presented to Bin Laden as a "patriot" "hero" and "martyr." "Osama was always happy and calm in the world, and will hereafter," the Front.

Men, women and children dressed in white took part in a liturgy in which they expressed their anger against "the terrorist Obama and U.S. political propaganda." This is the first overt sign of sympathy in Indonesia to Bin Laden after his death on Sunday in a U.S. military operation in Pakistan.

About 85 percent of the 240 million people in Indonesia are Muslims, making the Asian archipelago in the country with the most followers of Islam worldwide.

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