Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Greens, just three points Merkel

The first regional president green in Germany, Winfried Kretschmann, which became in March the government of Baden-Württemberg, is propped up with each passing week in the role of spearheading a nationwide offensive. In the latest poll of likely voters, released Wednesday by the Forsa Institute, the Greens maintained their upward trend and climbed one point to 28%, just three points Merkel's CDU, which gets 31%.

If elections were held today in Germany, we already have a green president in a coalition with the Social Democrats, collapsed in the status of junior partner and without much hope of rising again in the second half of term remaining. But the big news that offers this new wave is that they seem content with that, but point directly to the goal of becoming the largest party.

This situation largely explains the conversion of Merkel's government with the Liberals, two parties that had been strong supporters of nuclear power as energy bridge to the tragedy of Fukushima and since then have taken a career equally determined to advance on possible abandonment of nuclear energy in Germany.

The shot, however, threatens to backfire. Instead of countering the tide of green vote, the polls show that voters not to be credible the conversion of these two games and still inflating, week by week, the green balloon. "In the political discussion on the future of nuclear energy all parties have turned green.

And with this transfer merely voters to the Greens. What we see in this survey is that citizens who are interested in a subject tend to support that party which shows the greatest power to deal with it. The CDU fails to increase their vote and the case of SPD, which can only run after the Greens, is even more dramatic, anchored at the position of third most voted, "says in his analysis Forsa chief Manfred Güllner.

lie ahead two years of term and we will see how they deal with the Greens to the difficulties of the position of party in the running for the Foreign Ministry. The newly appointed Cabinet of Baden-Württemberg , southern Germany which has become a living laboratory experiment could be called "This ruling Greens, shows clearly the lack of qualified personnel within the political education and willing to assume great responsibilities.

Seven of the most important ministries have been held by Social Democrats, a number clearly very high for the junior coalition partner, especially given that the SPD will hold the gathering supercartera Finance. The small party position he occupied until now waged in the Greens of press scrutiny of research, but in Hamburg just a first uncovering scandal after it was discovered that a former treasurer, Christian Goetje has embezzled 200,000 euros, it could just be the holder the first in a long series.

The statements of its leaders, which until now were considered as voices crying in the wilderness, they begin to be heard as well as notice of any decision taken by both executive and more seriously, which continues to cause alarm even among those who vote green in the Forsa survey, many of them from conservative Catholic vote.

Winfried Kretschmann has rocked to Baden-Württemberg, the state now president and headquarters of automobile companies such as Porsche and BMW, said to be making fewer and smaller cars because the train and bicycle are cleaner transport. Another green leader, Claudia Roth, bet openly seeking more immigrants in North Africa, Morocco and Egypt, to cover the 800,000 jobs that German industry acknowledges having deserted.

Statements how are you could dislodge the electorate in a federal vote and could return to their former vote. Or at least I hope in the CDU.

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