Thursday, April 21, 2011

Israeli intellectuals and academics have signed a statement of support for Palestinian state

Jerusalem. .- Dozens of public figures, intellectuals and Israeli academics have signed a statement supporting the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders as part of a two-state solution. The signatories are scheduled to present on Thursday against Independence Hall Tel Aviv, where the architect of Israel, David Ben Gurion proclaimed Israel's independence in May 1948.

The symbolic act that will read the letter signed by their developers, who use the occasion to ask the public to join them signed the document. "The Jewish people arose in the Land of Israel, where he forged his character. The Palestinian people is rising in Palestine, where his character was forged," reads the text of the letter, the local press later today.

Among the signatories are counted at least twenty Israel Prize, the most prestigious award in the country, which is awarded annually to coincide with Independence Day. The promoters of the initiative insist that it is not a new policy plan, but a way to present an alternative vision of society to the Israeli government's official position.

"The basic idea contained in the letter is to encourage the establishment of two states: Israel and Palestine. In fact, we support the desire to see carried out the two-state solution, "he told Efe Yehuda Bauer, professor emeritus of History and Holocaust Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a signer of the initiative." We believe that Israeli forces occupied West Bank have to be removed and new boundaries should be drawn based on the 1967 lines, with exchanges of territory, arrangements agreed by the parties and approved by the international community, "he added.

On the timing of making the new proposal, Bauer explained that the authors decided to make it known to coincide with the Jewish Passover or Pesach, which commemorates the Jewish people out of Egypt and the end of slavery. Two weeks ago, another group composed of dozens of former senior officers from different agencies safety, academics and businessmen presented a plan based on the solution of two states and intended to end what they consider "immobility" of the present government of Benjamin Netanyahu in the peace process.

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