Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gaddafi proposed elections 'free' in six months

Tripoli (Editorial / Agencies) .- Libya could hold elections "free, supervised by the United Nations within six months, assured the foreign minister of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi Abdul Ati al-Obeidi. In an interview with British newspaper 'The Guardian', the successor of Musa Kusa, the former foreign minister who defected during a trip to London last month, has declared that the regime was prepared to form an interim government that would organize elections .

Obeidi said that currently being negotiated if "the leader [Gaddafi] should be part of the interim government, and whether to play a certain role, or whether it is better to withdraw." Gaddafi's future remains a key issue for the opposition, demanding the departure of the dictator. The minister says he is willing to find a diplomatic resolution to the conflict and reach agreement with the rebels.

"It's not that things are resolved in our favor or yours, the goal is to sit with our brothers and reach an agreement." Obeidi insisted that the international community must be removed to allow Libyans to decide their own future. "The United States, United Kingdom France ... These countries are contradictory.

They talk about democracy in Libya as well as require the withdrawal Gaddafi. This issue must be decided by the Libyans. This can not be imposed by a foreign state. It goes against the very principle of democracy. " The rebel opposition, meanwhile, continues to maintain that output Gaddafi is a prerequisite to negotiations.

The "road map" proposed by the African Union and accepted by the regime in Tripoli was rejected by the rebels by failing to establish this factor as a fundamental condition.

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