Thursday, April 21, 2011

66% of the French believe that the integration of foreigners has failed

PARIS, 20 66 percent of the French believe that the integration of foreigners has been a failure at home and 76 percent blame the immigrants themselves, who have not done enough to integrate, according to a survey published Wednesday . In addition, the survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that 51 percent of French people consider that integration has been a deterioration in the last ten years.

The chief investigator, Jean Daniel Levy, citing the rise of the far right in Sweden and Finland to explain that "the view of immigrants is changing at European level and people want to be quiet." The survey indicates that 51 percent of the population believe that French society has done enough to promote such integration.

The study shows that opinions about the integration of immigrants into society has no significant variations between different political ideologies. 67 percent of supporters of leftist thought integration was a failure, while this figure stands at 69 percent among those on the right. The figure rises to 75 percent in the case of National Front supporters.

The French believe that the associations (48 percent) will be responsible for ensuring that immigrants integrate into society gala, along with teachers, where 33 percent trust. People have less confidence in political parties, intellectuals and trade unions, with 11, 9 and 7 percent respectively.

The study was conducted from 8 to April 10 through an interactive survey to 1,631 people.

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