Thursday, April 21, 2011

HAITI - Michel Martelly, President on Twitter

In its Communication on Twitter Martelly said "Vre rezilta eleksyon prezidansyel yo yo Daprès pwosè vèbal shows Martelly prezidan ak Ayiti 69.74%. Tann Year new power its new WE KEP ap di" [according to the minutes the real presidential election results show that Martelly is president with 69.74% of votes.

We are waiting to see what the Provisional Electoral Council will publish]. The message comes from the account presidentmicky that the candidate supplies since the beginning of the campaign on this social network. Carel Pedro, radio host and social networking guru in Haiti who is used to interact with these channels by Michel Martelly confirmed to The News that "the announcement is good Martelly" and that "the account is operated by the candidate himself "as is customary on Twitter.

This claim of victory is two days after the electoral board has decided the postponement to April 4, the announcement of preliminary results scheduled for March 31 and coincides with the announcement Thursday, March 31 that all records of votes for presidential were treated at the Centre for vote tabulation.

This is the first time one of the two candidates engaged in the race for the presidential winner advancing percentages.

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