Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dense smoke detected in the reactor 2

The robots used by technicians in central Fukushima detected a dense vapor in the reactor building number 2, which has prevented study the state of the facilities. The staff of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which manages the plant, thinking that the steam from the damaged area of the reactor pool.

The steam could be highly toxic, so it has not yet determined a solution to this problem. In contrast, the radiation levels are relatively low and the company believes that some workers could enter the premises for short periods of time. Meanwhile, robots have stepped into the lead 3, through the south entrance, but have found the way blocked by debris.

Now meditate technicians used a robot with a weight of over a hundred kilos and the ability to remove these obstacles. In building the first reactor, these devices have only been able to advance U.S. 40 meters along the north wall, according to the Japanese network NHK. The company began using robots on Sunday and they intended to pave the way for later able to work at nuclear facilities.

On the other hand, workers who try to stabilize the nuclear power could fall into a depression from overwork, as indicated by one of the doctors who was in charge of monitoring. In an interview with Kyodo news agency, Takeshi Tanigawa explained that in addition to the risks of exposure to radiation, these workers bear a moral responsibility.

In this regard, he indicated that this month have been living under great stress because many of them are survivors of the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March or hydrogen explosions that have suffered some reactors, and in some cases, have lost family or homes in the tragedy. It is not the first time that warns of health workers in Fukushima.

Last month, two of the 300 who have remained in the plant after the disaster were taken to a hospital after detecting between 170 and 180 millisievert on their feet, who had been in contact with contaminated water.

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