Thursday, April 21, 2011

ARMENIA - Moscow wants to attract the Armenians

Armenia, which continues to be emptied of its inhabitants for twenty years, plunged into a new controversy about the Russian government's program of assistance to install Russian-speaking compatriots (only families) in Russia ". Participate program that provides benefits, work and housing in 24 regions of Russia, just to master the Russian language and to consider Russia as their homeland, "says the news site Eurasianet.

org. "This program is problematic, because every year 60,000 people left Armenia [for Russia, Europe and America]. But authorities say they are unable to stop the exodus," the site. On 18 March, the youth opposition movement Hima (Now) demonstrated outside the seat of government with the slogan "The emigration to Russia's enough!" and "Armenia without Armenians?".

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